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Youth and Teen Ministry

Helping children, tweens and teens to experience their lives “in God”


New Dawn offers a variety of programs for the youth and teens. Each Sunday during service, we have programs that teach the basic concepts of Science of Mind and Spirit with age appropriate content. Teens meet in a separate space from the youth, and each has their own curriculum and facilitators. New Dawn also provides child care for infants and toddlers during service.

Many of us did not have the benefit of the Science of Mind teachings as we were growing up. What a wonderful gift to give to our youth!  Our intention in the New Dawn Youth Ministry is that children experience their lives “in God.”  We teach in a way to reveal and allow the Presence of Spirit to “live” in them. Children are not as intellectual or analytical, and truly learn through experience rather than through their heads. Consequently, we teach through stories, singing, speaking and singing with sign language (which is more experiential), prayer, guided meditation and crafts encouraging creativity. As they get older, we add more self-reflective and thoughtful exercises to prepare them for the exploration that comes in our Teen ministry. We seek to recognize and express to them their unique beauty as individual expressions of God, and to know God personally and access this Grace in any moment.


Renewing Minds, Igniting Souls and Inspiring Dreams!