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New Dawn Center for Spiritual Living offers timeless wisdom for the world we live in today. Our philosophy is based on the truth that is alive in every culture streaming from science, religion, and metaphysics.

We teach the individual to access the power within to co-create the life that dreams are made of. We know all people, everywhere, have the ability and opportunity to choose the focus for their lives and live in a world of accountability.


Our inspirational, on-line presence and weekly messages bring awareness to all people around the world. In addition, our educational programs teach the practices supporting us in our times of well-being, as well as times of loss and challenge.


Our practitioners are trained and experienced in creating sacred spaces for spiritual healing, growth, and realization. They hold a profound belief in the power of consciousness, affirmations, and spiritual principles to shape our experiences and manifest positive outcomes.

By practicing Affirmative Prayer, they help individuals tap into their inner resources, overcome challenges, and co-create lives filled with abundance, joy, and purpose.

“We can no more do without spirituality than we can do without food, shelter, or clothing.”

– Ernest Holmes

At New Dawn Center for Spiritual Living, our licensed practitioners are dedicated to the transformative practice of Affirmative Prayer.

Grounded in the teachings of Science of Mind, these individuals embody a deep understanding of universal truths, affirming the inherent divinity within each person.

Through Affirmative Prayer, they guide others in recognizing their divine essence and aligning with the infinite wisdom and love of the Universe.

When you are experiencing challenges or cause for celebration, our practitioners are trained to lift you up in prayer.

Sue Wageck, RScP

Dennise Simone, RScP

Sharon Jones, RScP

We welcome all people, all expressions, all backgrounds and beliefs.

Mountain View United Church 10700 E. Evans Ave.

Aurora, Colorado 80014

+1 (303) 349-0638

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