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This month as we explore the topic of moving from good to great to grand, we will highlight the process of both self actualiztion and collective actualization. By exploring our inner landscape we will take stock of where we are in our own process, what values we aspire to and how we can begin to live those values in new and powerful ways. As we begin to have clarity around who we are and the spaces we want to live from, we can begin to create spaces and opportunities for others to do the same. The impact of this process on our collective experiences will support our continued vision of a world where everyone is empowered to express and live authentically.

Book Recommendation: The Lightmaker’s Manifesto: How to Work for Change without Losing Your Joy by Karen Walrand

Author: April Conner, RScP

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WEEK ONE - MAY 5th THEME: “The Inner Landscape“

The path to our most authentic expression starts with the exploration of our inner landscape. Through observation, curosity, and self discovery we uncover the “grandess” that has been there all along.

AFFIRMATION: I am open and curious as I explore my own inner landscape.

WEEK TWO - May 12th THEME: “The Value Led Life“

Nothing informs our activity in the world more than our vaules, the space where our inner world is reflected in our outer presence. Where are your values leading you?

AFFIRMATION: I live form my values in ways that enhance my life and the world around me.

WEEK THREE - MAY 19th THEME: “The Steps We Take“

The path of self discovery brings us closer to our own authentic expression, moving from Good to Great to Grand.

AFFIRMATIONS: My outer life exists in alignment with the truth of my most authentic self.

WEEK FOUR - MAY 26th THEME: “The Power of Vision“

Vision is a companion to self actualization. A vision allows us to know who we are and what we can create together.

AFFIRMATION: I create spaces for authentic self expression in both myself and other.

“Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it."

– Ernest Holmes

We welcome all people, all expressions, all backgrounds and beliefs.

Mountain View United Church 10700 E. Evans Ave.

Aurora, Colorado 80014

+1 (303) 349-0638

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